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Shvet Capsules

Shvet Capsules

Shvetcapsule is used to treat excessive vaginal discharge.Shvet capsule normalizes vaginal PH and Vaginal micro flora, it also Checks dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Shvet Exhibits antimicrobial & astringent activity .It acts directly on the uterine musculature, tones up the entire system, improves hormonal level thus effectively treats leucorrhoea and other excessive vaginal discharge.

Packing : 5x30 Cap.

Beneficial for ;

  • Non-specific leucorrhoea
  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding.
  • Threatened abortion
  • Sterility,backache & malaise associated with leucorrhoea.

Dosage : 1-2 capsules two or three times a day or as directed by the Physician

Price ( For India ) : INR 330.00