Kashar Syrup

Action :

  • It possesses soothing effect on irritation in the throat, and acts as an expectorant to loosen phlegm in the respiratory passages.
  • Effective in cough because of anti-tussive properties.
  • It has bronchodilator activity and mucolytic activity thus provides relief from cough.

Indication : Kashar syrup is formulated with 19 herbs, which are non sedative in nature. It is an effective cough remedy for productive as well as non productive cough of any etiology. Kashar is suitable for all age group people.


Dosage 1-2 Teaspoonful Twice a Day.
Package Size 100 Ml Bottle
Package Type Bottle
Feature Kashar is suitable for all age group people
Form Liquid
Type of Medicine Ayurvedic