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Shree Dhanwantri Herbals

Gastro Care

  • Acidon Syrup

    Acidon Syrup

    Acidon Syrup is a herbal formulation which is specially designed for the acid-peptic disorders. Acidon Syrup is made from the most effective Indian herbs like Patolpatra, Pitt papda, Amla, Giloe, Yasthimadhu, Saunf ,Kalmegh etc. So over all it

  • Acidon Tablets

    Acidon Tablets

    Acidon tablet is an ayurvedic formulation which is effective in acid peptic disorders. It normalizes the stomach pH and gives relief in acid peptic disorders.


    Action :

    • Significantly inhibites the
  • Bowlsoft Granules

    Bowlsoft Granules

    Helpful for constipation, gas, acidity, flatulence.

    • Balanced combination of time tested herbs.
    • Corrects flatulence
    • Treats acidity
    • Improve digestion
  • Realzyme Syrup

    Realzyme Syrup

    It is an exclusive zyme for complete digestion. Realzyme syrup is the blend of herbs such as Papaya, Sonth, Pippali, Nagarmothaetc which treats digestive related problems .


    Action :

    • Possesses
  • Sulabh Granules

    Sulabh Granules

    Modern day & hectic life style has given rise to many problems, making life difficult for today's men. Constipation is one such problem, which is due to the eating of fast, junk food, less intake of water & green vegetables. Sulabh