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G-Amrita Capsules

Buyers can avail from us G-Amrita Capsules. The ingredients used in the making of G-Amrita Capsules are pure Indian Herbs and donĂ¢€™t contain any metal ash. G-amrita is the result of our extensive research on herbs to treat high uric acid & gout problems. In various trials, G-Amrita Capsules have been found very effective in uric acid reduction comparable to allopurinol. The G-Amrita Capsules are also found effective as Analgesic & Anti-inflammatory in Gout.

Packing available : 60 capsules in bottle

Special Features : Extract based specialized formula for Gout & Hyper-uricemia

  • 2 capsule 3 times a day after Meals for first 2 months then 1 capsule 3 times a day for another 2 months
  • & as directed by the Physician

Price (For India) : Rs. 165.00 (Excluding Freight) for 60 capsules

Colors & Packaging Available
  • Yellow & Herbal green
  • 100 ml; 200 ml

Helpful In
  • Hyper- uricemia
  • Gouty Arthritis