Clinical Studies/Trial


Product Name Clinical Trial/Study
D-Fit Capsule Clinical efficacy of D-Fit capsule in prameha
Shwasi Capsule Clinical study of Shwasi capsule in bronchial asthma
Dysentrol Tablet Clinical study of Dysentrol tablet in cases of Diarrhea and Dysentery
Vitamrit-SF Syrup Therapeutic effect of Vitamrit-SF syrup in certain body disorders
Arshonyl Capsule Evaluation of therapeutic effect of Arshonyl Capsule in certain body disorders like “Piles and Constipation "
Crush Tablet Clinical study of tablet-Crush on nephritis or Vrikkshoth
Crush SF Syrup Clinical efficacy of Crush SF Syrup in Urolithiasis
Fetone Syrup Evaluation of efficacy of syrup fetone as a uterine tonic
F-Liv compound capsules Evaluation Of Hematinic Properties of Herbo-Mineral Compound F-Liv compound capsules
Rheumo parvahi Study on clinical efficacy of rheumo parvahi in patients of arthritis