Chandraprabha Vati Tablets

Ingredients : Karpoor, Vacha, Musta, Bhunimba, Amrita, Devdaru, Haridra, Ativisha, Daruharidra, Pipplimool, Chitrak, Dhanyaka, Haritaki, Bibhitaki, Amalaki, Chavaya, Vidang, Gajapippali, Shunthi, Marich, Pippali, Swarna makshika Bhasma, Yavakhsar, Sarji Kshar, Saindhava, Sourvanchal, Vid- each 1 Part, Trivrit, Danti, Tejpatra, Tvaka, Ela, Vanshlochaneach 4 Parts, Lauh Bhasm-8 Parts, Sita- 16 Parts, Shuddh Shilajit, Shuddh Guggulu- each 32 Parts.


Action : It is one of the most potent adaptogen and is a stress buster. It also improves the liver functioning. Because of its mutrala properties, it is effective in urinary related problems.

Indications : Durbalya (general weakness), viryvikar (semen disorders), katishul (low backpain), mutrakrichchha (slow and painful discharge of the urine) and polyuria.


Dosage 2 or 4 Tablets to Be Taken in the Morning and Evening with Water & Milk.
Form Tablets
Features Fast Relief, Long Shelf Life, Safe to Use
Brand Chandraprabha Vati
Net Content 60 Tablets
Safety Store in dry place away from direct sunlight do not refrigerate