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Ayurvedic Syrup

We have firmly established ourselves as Ayurvedic Syrup Manufacturer and Supplier in India. We provide Ayurvedic Syrup for different health disorders including Gastric, Liver, Worm infestations, Cough, Brain, Female related, etc. Some of our established brands with High efficacy includes Acidon Syrup, Braintone Syrup, Crush Syrup, Fetone Syrup, Kofnil Syrup, Kofnil-SF Syrup, Krimihar Syrup and Livosyp-DS Syrup. We develop these Ayurvedic Syrups from hand-picked Indian Herbs.

Most of our Ayurvedic syrups are safe and effective in results and specially processed as Sugar free for Diabetes & Calorie conscious people

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Braintone Syrup

Braintone Syrup is formulated with time tested herbs such as shankhpushpi ,brahmi, vacha, yastimadhu & Jatamansi.Braintone syrup activates the mind & improves mental alertness.,controls anxiety & treats insomania.It is completely safe,non toxic & non habit forming.

Packing  :200 ml.

Realzyme Syrup

RealzymeSyrup contains Carica papaya, which has digestive enzyme papain known for its superior action than ordinary animal pepsin. It has carminative & stimulant action which helps to maintain the flow of gastric juices. Realzyme , provides relief from both gastric & intestinal flatulence and ensures proper digestion of carbohydrates,


Shwasi Syrup

Since 1990, Shwasi syrup is the first & original, anti asthmatic syrup developed by SDHerbals syrup that provides round the clock relief in asthma. It dilates the bronchi, removes inflammation, enhances expectoration, inhibits excessive mucus secretion & reduces broncho spasm. Shwasi also gives strength to lungs & heart.

Vitamrit SF Syrup

Vitamrit S.F Syrup brings back the equilibrium of Vat ,Pitta &Kapha and possesses anti-oxidant. properties. Vitamrit-SF detoxifies the body, also enhances Immunity and rejuvenates after prolonged illness.VitamritSF,regulates the body’s metabolic activity. Provide relief from stress & Improves mental alertness, promotes Cellular


Acidon Syrup

Buyers can avail from us Acidon Syrup that is specially formulated to provide better results in Acid Peptic Disorders. The Acidon Syrup, offered by us, is made from the most effective Indian Herbs. Unlike modern antacid, Acidon is not an acid neutralizer, rather it helps to reduce excessive gastric secretion, Supplements Iron


Crush Syrup

Buyers can avail from us Crush Syrup which is prepared from hand-picked Indian Herbs like Tribulus terrestris, Boerhavia diffusa, Crataeva nurvala, Permelia perlata, Berberis lyceum, Plumbago zeylanica, Tinospora cordifolia. The Crush Syrup is an Herbal Alkalizer & Renal Detoxifier. Known for efficacy, the Crush Syrup is


Fetone Syrup
We use specially selected Indian Herbs for manufacturing Fetone Syrup. It is another benchmark in our product range for Women̢۪s care. Fetone Syrup contains 19 herbs like Saraca asoca, Symplocos racemosa, Dashmool, Asperagus racemosa, Tinospora cordifolia, which are referred in old textbooks of Ayurveda to correct ovarian and uterine

Kofnil Syrup

Developed from Indian Herbs, the Kofnil Syrup quickly controls acute cough. The Kofnil Syrup liquefies the thick phlegm, removes congestion, irritation, and bronchial Spasm. Besides, Kofnil Syrup induces rapid relief in inflamed or pharyngeal mucosa. Kofnil Syrup can be acquired at affordable price from us.



Kofnil-SF Syrup

We provide Kofnil-SF Syrup, which is developed which is developed after intensive study using different kinds of Indian Herbs. The Kofnil-SF is totally Herbal & an effective preparation for all types of cough. Moreover, Kofnil-SF Syrup is Sedation-free unlike modern cough preparations. Kofnil-SF Syrup helps to dissolve


Krimihar Syrup

Krimihar Syrup, offered by us, has several benefits. Krimihar Syrup helps to expel all types of intestinal worms. As well, Krimihar syrup helps in preventing re-infection and has better efficacy. Besides, Krimihar Syrup is well tolerated by children & debilitated individuals.

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Livosyp-DS Syrup

We provide Livosyp-DS Syrup that has several health benefits. To make Livosyp-DS Syrup, we use only quality Indian Herbs. The Livosyp-DS Syrup, offered by us, is especially developed to promote regeneration of liver cells, enhance bile flow, protect against hepatic damage caused due to Alcohol & hepato-toxic drugs and for