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Ayurvedic Capsules

Backed by rich industry experience, we bring forth highly effective Ayurvedic capsules for various Health disorders, developed by the experts with complete consideration to hygiene. the ayurvedic capsules are made from pure Indian herbs and thus, are completely safe. Ayurvedic capsules can be obtained at reasonable price from us. We are a renowned Ayurvedic capsules manufacturer and supplier in India.

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Bonartho Capsules

Bonartho capsule is formulated after extensive research at Shree Dhanwantri Herbals and tried clinically by renowned Ayurvedicpractioners before being launched to the medical profession It is unique blend of Indian Herbs known to have therapeutic benefits in the Osteoporosis, fracture healing & osteoarthritis.. Asthishrankhala, one of the


F-LIV Compound Capsules

F-LIV capsules provides natural source of Iron & Calcium. It is also used to restore functional capacity of liver. It ensures rise in hemoglobin, promotes growth, improves appetite & digestion.Safe to use during pregnancy & lactation.


Packing : 5x30 Cap.

Beneficial for


Livosyp D.S. Capsules

Livosyp D.S Capsules is pure herbal formulation. It contains bhuamlaki, chitrak, punarnava, haridra ,the time tested herbs,that improves the liver functioning and prevent livertoxicity.


Packing : Blister pack of 5x30.

Beneficial for :

  • Jaundice, hepatitis, hepatic

Rheumo D.S. Capsules

Rheumo DS capsules is enriched with time tested Ayurvedic classical formulations like Shallaki, Suranjan, Guggulu, Rasna, Dashmool&Erand tail which are known to control Pain, inflammation and it also improves mobility in arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis & other joint pain.

Packing : Blister pack of 5x3x10


Shvet Capsules

Shvetcapsule is used to treat excessive vaginal discharge.Shvet capsule normalizes vaginal PH and Vaginal micro flora, it also Checks dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Shvet Exhibits antimicrobial & astringent activity .It acts directly on the uterine musculature, tones up the entire system, improves hormonal level thus effectively treats


Arshonyl Capsules
We have well-developed facilities to manufacture Arshonyl Capsules in bulk. The Arshonyl Capsules are formulated using a variety of qualitative Indian Herbs. The Arshonyl Capsules, offered by us,highly effective in Piles & Hemorrhoids which helps improve blood circulation and relieve hepatic and portal pressure. Besides, Arshonyl Capsules

G-Amrita Capsules
Buyers can avail from us G-Amrita Capsules. The ingredients used in the making of G-Amrita Capsules are pure Indian Herbs and donĂ¢€™t contain any metal ash. G-amrita is the result of our extensive research on herbs to treat high uric acid & gout problems. In various trials, G-Amrita Capsules have been found very effective in uric acid